This Is All You Need To Know Before Installing A Camera In Your Car

 People have chosen to have a camera in their car that testifies to everything they see, but before installing it, there are a few things to know about it.

At present, violence in car assaults is quite common, since most criminals have firearms or sharps, which allow them to have greater power over others, who clearly do not have any object to defend themselves.

People who suffered this type of situation, know the helplessness and uncertainty that you feel when someone strange is taking away the material goods for which you have been working for so long.

This is a fact that several years ago, it was difficult to denounce due to the fact that the same fear that important details of the crime will not be remembered, such as the face of the assailants or the time that it was passing at that time, without However, with the development of chambers, the indictment process is easier.

The fact that security cameras can be installed in cars makes society feel a little safer, since there will be enough evidence to accuse someone of what happened, in addition to the clear fact that they will all be right there the specifications of the event, which will make the preliminary inquiry clearer.

Everything sounds perfect and functional, but before buying a camera to mount it in the vehicle, you should know a few aspects about it, since there are legal implications that make this procedure somewhat more careful to carry out.

Previously, it has been said what could be the advantages of having such a device in the car, but that is not the only context for which they can help, there are also others:

Evidence for insurance claims

In the event that someone has a car accident with another driver, it will be possible to present the video to the insurance company or the police itself, as proof of what happened and who was the “culprit”.

Neighborhood watch

A large number of people find themselves living on the streets, where the neighbors are friends or acquaintances who have the same purpose in mind: to take care of their safety, so the use of a camera of this type will help to know what is happening. when everyone goes to sleep, and if there is someone strange that is loitering in the area.

Evidence of natural phenomena

This is a particular case and very rare to see, but it happens and it is one of the best evidences that we have to demonstrate the force of nature and how unpredictable it usually is; in the same way it serves to show a comparison of the effects that were had when a tsunami, tornado or earthquake, for example, happened.

Knowing the circumstances in which you can make use of the so-called Dash cams, you can now find out how the law uses the material recorded by them.

Legal or illegal?

At the moment, there is no law that regulates this type of action, however, one of the most recent cases of attempted assault on the streets, hinted that the tapes that were obtained, served to corroborate the identity of the aggressors and the way in which police elements will reinforce their presence to safeguard drivers and therefore pedestrians.

This example serves to demonstrate the usefulness of these technological tools, and although it is not answered in a concrete way if it is illegal or not to install them, it is denoted that no law or regulation is being broken, so there is no penalty for people who they use them.

What can and cannot be shown?

Based on the above, one would think that you can upload the recording to social networks without consequences, since you want to prevent all people from possibly walking those streets or avenues, but this must be careful, because if there is a busy site With several vehicles around, their license plates will be known, which could be used in a malicious way against their owners.

For this reason, the best option is not to post the video and avoid the legal implications that this could mean, it is better to save it only to make a report.

Now that basic information is known, a much better supported decision can be made than the one that arose from the emotions and impulses that occurred at the time where the “head was hot” and the consequences that this would have were not thought about.