6 points you should remember when maintain the car cameras

If you want your car cameras more durable, please remember follow 6 points. What is the specific maintenance method, let’s follow professional advice from car camera manufacturer.

1. Do not point the camera directly at the sun to avoid damaging the image sensing device of the camera.

2. Avoid contact between the camera and oil, steam, water vapor, moisture and dust.

3. Do not wipe the camera with ordinary detergent or organic solvent.

4. Never touch the lens with your fingers. If the lens needs to be cleaned, use a soft brush and a blower to remove the dust, then wipe it with lens paper. If you use a cardboard, paper towel, or napkin to wipe the lens, it can easily damage it.

5. Do not pull or twist the cable, as this may cause damage to the camera.

6. When not using the camera for a long time, it is best to cover the lens cover or cover the camera with a cloth. For camera users who choose to use CMOS lenses, because CMOS’s light permeability is normal, the ambient light should not be too weak during using, otherwise it will affect the imaging effect.

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